Qure Data Management Platform

Qure Data Management Platform is a web-based database software, that can be used for collection, handling, and analysis of data under high quality, security, and robustness requirements.

Qure Data Management platform is well suitable for diagnosis or condition specific health registries - Estonian Cancer Registry, Estonian HIV Registry, Estonian Tuberculosis Registry, Estonian Birth Registry and Estonian Causes of Death Registry, biobanks - Estonian Genome Center, clinical trials data management, feasibility studies, and national statistics (Estonian Population and Housing Census, Agricultural Census etc.).


Use Cases

Platform Features

Qure Designer

Qure Designer is a complete authoring tool for designing the data models and entry forms. It supports designing entry forms from simple presentation (visual texts, input controls) to complex hierarchical multi-page forms with interrelated dynamic behaviour by scripting. Different forms can be designed on the same data model allowing custom behaviour by roles.
The designed projects are uploaded to the Qure Server and distributed as Qure Browser applications.

Data models

Data entry forms



Qure Designer

Qure Server

Qure Server is a complete server installation for the platform. It includes management interfaces for users, projects, data access rights, software and data content updates, etc. The messaging based solution coupled with universal database engine provides a complete solution for your data management needs. Access to all Qure Server functionalities is protected by user identification with usernames and passwords, cryptographic certificates, and user-specific roles.

User administration

Access rights

Audit logs

Flexible configuration

Qure Server

Qure Browser

Qure Browser is a web-based dynamic content rendering engine. It uses forms, data models, classifiers and scripts defined in Qure Designer to generate fully functional dynamic web applications. Qure Browser can be used for the user interface of complex studies, registries, surveys, questionnaires etc.

Edit checks


Discrepancy management

Electronic signatures

Qure Browser


DataView is a server module for querying and reporting on the database content. It provides a fully graphical interface for ad-hoc queries with filtering and aggregation support and end-result specification with multiple data output options (HTML, CSV, XLSX). All ad-hoc queries can be saved for later re-use by authorised users.

Choose data fields

Aggregate data

Apply filters

Choose output format


Qure Reports

Qure Reports are specially designed reports that summarize the database content in customer-specific ways, including statistical overviews, graphical elements, etc. Reports are generated with report generators and are fully customizable. Output options include HTML, PDF, and XLSX, among others.


MS Excel



Qure Reports

Qure Importer

Import large CSV files with Qure Importer. Choose where you want to import your data. Map the file headers with database fields, link your files when you have hierarchical content. You can import all your existing and incoming data with ease.

CSV files

Linked files

Results log

Qure Importer

About Quretec

Quretec Ltd. was established in 2006 as a software company building upon unique skills in data management solutions. The team was established in 2002 as an IT department of EGeen, a venture that started with a goal to collect and analyze the DNA samples of the Estonian population for drug discovery and personalized medicine development purposes. Since 2006 Quretec acts as privately held company.

Quretec is offering full package of clinical data management services and software solutions for web based electronic data capture. Our list of experiences includes software solutions development for biobanking, health registries, clinical trials, national statistics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and other databases.

Quretec together with Department of Computer Science (University of Tartu) forms a joint bioinformatics, algorithmics, and data mining group BIIT. Our main research topics and capabilities include the gene regulation, gene expression data analysis, biological data mining, systems biology, combinatorial pattern matching, developing software for biomedical research databases, as well as partnering in stem cell and cancer related projects.

Quretec has extensive experience working with clinical and biological data. We have created several clinical data management platforms for several biobanks and international research projects. Thus we have first-hand experience with data standards and respective data formats. We have proficiency in analyzing different omics datasets. On top of that we have developed data aggregation method above the current state of the art that enables combining different data types for biomarker discovery. Additionally we have generated database platform that re-uses ever growing number of public expression datasets and allows data comparisons otherwise impossible.

Quretec team consist of multi disciplinary research people from biological, computer science, bioinformatics, clinical trials and statistics background. The bioinformatics and data mining group is led by prof. Jaak Vilo, PhD, who is one of the most cited Estonian scientists. The software development team is led by Margus Jäger, MSc, who has more than 12 years of experience in software development, project management in numerous country wide systems development, including Estonian Genome Project, Estonian census software development, national health registries, and clinical trials.

Connected Health Cluster EHDEN Certified SME

Management Board

Margus Jäger, MSc

Member of the Board, CEO
+(372) 50 11 358

Jaak Vilo, PhD

Member of the Board
+(372) 50 49 365