Estonian Genome Center Databases on Qure Platform

Estonian Biobank is the population-based biobank of the Estonian Genome Center at the University of Tartu. A Computer Assisted Personal interview (CAPI) is filled within 1-2 hours at a doctor’s office, which includes personal data (place of birth, place(s) of living, nationality etc.), genealogical data (family history spanning four generations), educational and occupational history, lifestyle data (physical activity, dietary habits - FFQ, smoking, alcohol consumption, women’s health, quality of life).

Medical history and current health status is recorded according to ICD10 codes, medication according to ATC. Extra data are collected from psychiatric patients (MINI and SSP interview). Anthropometric measurements, blood pressure (sitting position at the end of the interview), and resting heart rate are measured during the visit; 30-50 ml of venous blood are taken into EDTA Vacutainers, which are transported to the central laboratory of EGCUT at +4-6 C in the following 6 to 36h where DNA, plasma and WBC are immediately isolated and kept in aliquots in MAPI straws in liquid N2 for further use.